Club statement from Secretary, Andy Perkins

“Well, that was a nail-biter wasn’t it! Ryan finally put a team together that staved off relegation but there were some ups and downs on the way!

It’s right that we take time to say thanks to the hard work of Board members June and Tony Brazier, still travelling from Basingstoke to make sure match days run like clockwork. Not only that, the amount of work they do behind the scenes is just phenomenal. Thanks to both of you.

Steve and Andrzej, have made a huge contribution all season, and ensured we still have a team to support.

The newly formed Board have been working since December to give this club a future, and we have plans to move forward with pride in our 150th year.

We have had discussions with Matchday Centres on how we will grow the club and its fanbase.

We aim to make this club a truly local one again and to do this, we have asked the Essex County Football Association to change our name to Walthamstow FC.

In doing this we will keep our proud history: forming in 1868 as Matlock Swifts, becoming Leyton FC, amalgamating with Walthamstow Pennant FC to become Leyton Pennant FC then Waltham Forest FC.

We believe the people of Walthamstow deserve a club with its identity in the area we play, they also deserve a successful team that will be seeking promotion to the Bostic League and on to the National League. We hope that the supporters will embrace this and help our fanbase grow.

I have to say, that ‘The Rabble’ have shown just what can be done by supporters and what an end of season they gave us. We have been working with Matchday Centres to give all supporters discounted beer and designated areas, in the stadium where you will be able to drink. I believe this will be good for all involved.

We appreciate the swell of support we have seen at the end of the season. We’re committed to making this a club its supporters can be proud of, and we sincerely hope our supporters, old and new, will be with us on this journey.

We believe that Ryan Maxwell showed his excellent capabilities as a manager, after being handed what was really a poisoned chalice, he worked incredibly hard to get together a team that was up to the job. It’s worth knowing that the board and Ryan asked every player brought in by the previous manager, to stay.

All but one of those players walked out within a couple of days. That’s the size of the task Ryan had.

He took on that challenge and succeeded. He will be looking to strengthen the squad for a promotion push and, I know he has already started on that track and has a number of outstanding players eager to join Walthamstow FC.”

Image: @360Fisheye