“You experience the real aggression of the game” – Samrai Gebrai

With Walthamstow’s pre-season training now in full swing, Aaron Moore sat down with one of the best youth prospects in the Essex Senior League, Samrai Gebrai for chat about what it’s like to play for a club like Walthamstow, who has helped him develop as a player and his upcoming trial at Championship Reading.

What are your thoughts on last season and how it went?

Overall it was a positive season, finishing 3rd and picking up points in the last 10 games. Personally, I could have scored more goals and assisted a few more but it was a decent season for the team.

What was your highlight of last season?

The game against Takeley was probably the best game of my season. I’m sure a lot of people will agree. Going on trials to the like of Coventry and Watford was also a highlight.

What did you learn from last season that will help you in the future?

Listening to the gaffer is the most important thing for development. The game is not all about what you do with your feet. A lot of the game requires your brain and desire otherwise you won’t get far.

How did you come to play for Walthamstow?

I played for Leyton Orient with my college and I was brought down here by one of the coaches who used to play for Walthamstow himself. After a trial with the club, Ryan liked what he saw and brought me into the team.

What is it like playing for a club like Walthamstow? Especially for young players.

Players my age don’t want to be playing U18’s or U21’s football as you don’t get much experience so playing for the first team is great. You experience the real aggression of the game [playing first team football] and you can learn so much.

What have the more senior players done to help you develop and become the player you are today?

They push me hard to be better and that has really helped. They don’t treat me like a kid and I’m one of the them.

Who has helped you develop the most and how?

The gaffer, for sure. He has helped me throughout the season and pushed me to be better. In terms of a player, Craig Pope, really helped as he’s highly experienced.

Are you looking forward to your trial at Reading?

Of course, I’m excited. You can’t be shy in these situations and just need to show what you can do as a player.

Looking into the future; what is your dream club to play for?

My main focus in signing my first professional contract but the likes of Manchester United would be good.

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