“Promotion and 25+ goals next season are my targets” – Billy Jones

Billy Jones has returned to the club after a spell last season where he scored four goals in nine games.

Aaron Moore had a brief chat with Billy Jones about his return to The Stow ahead of the upcoming season. They spoke about what brought him back to Walthamstow, his targets and objectives for next season, his return to football and what it’s like to play under Ryan’s [Maxwell’s] management.

What has brought you back to Walthamstow?

The main reason for my return was the chance to play under Ryan’s management. I like what Ryan does because he gets the best out of me and he’s a very passionate guy.

How happy are you to be returning to Wadham Lodge?

I am very happy to be returning. Obviously, I already know a couple of guys in the squad like Ryan [Reed] and James [Bransgrove] and it’s looking like a good squad so I’m happy.

What are your targets and goals for next season?

Promotion and 25+ goals next season are my targets.

What was it like being told you may never be able to play again following your health scare?

It was a scary and emotional moment because life is so important. It was hard because I couldn’t work or play football but I was focusing on my health before anything else.

Obviously, you are back playing now. How much have to had to do to get here and what is it like being back doing what you love?

I’ve obviously had to train a lot harder but it’s brilliant to be back. I was very lucky that I had natural fitness on my side as well during my recovery. I can usually be match fit in 3 weeks.

What has football taught you as a person and how has that helped you?

Patience is the biggest lesson I’ve learned. I’m 25 now but I’ve jumped from club to club and never really stuck around. Football allows me to escape reality and that is something to hold onto.

What is it like playing under Ryan?

He is honestly a great manager and brilliant in what he does. When you do something wrong, you know about it but he gets the best out of everyone.

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