“We’ve got to go one step further” – Gus Douglas

Aaron Moore had a chat with Gus Douglas during a break in pre-season training to chat how he came to play for Walthamstow, what his time at the club has been like and what his targets and objectives are ahead of the upcoming season.

What are your thoughts on last season and how it went?

It was a definite improvement from fighting relegation but disappointing to not get over the line in the end. For me, the season was already lost in the first half with far too many draws and there was also some indiscipline which was addressed by Ryan [Maxwell].

How did you come about playing for Walthamstow?

I am a local lad playing for my local team. The first time round, about 3 to 4 seasons ago, I was coming back from a knee injury but I’ve known the gaffer since I was about 18 so he messaged me and asked if I wanted to come back over and so I did.

What has your time been like at Walthamstow altogether?

There been a lot of players, that’s for sure but it’s been really good and enjoyable. I just wanted to be back playing so overall really positive.

What are your targets and goals for next season?

My main focus is to play more than I did last year, obviously coming back from a knee injury. Last season was my first full season without a serious knee injury and I had between 25-30 appearances so the same, if not more, next season would be great. For the team, it’s got to be going one step further with promotion.

What are your aspirations as a player?

I just want to enjoy football especially because I’m playing at a level where there’s a good standard of football. My main focus is my career but I’m lucky enough to get away around 5.30 every day to come and do this so I just want to enjoy it.

What is it like playing under a manager like Ryan Maxwell?

He’s intense but it’s good. He certainly wins in everything he does and helps you up your level. He’s a true professional and a genuinely really nice guy.

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