Getting to know: Vinny Murphy

Vinny returned to Stow for a second spell just after Christmas last year. He was key in tightening the team’s defence and only lost one game out of 17 that he played in.

What youth club(s) did you play for?
I didn’t play for anyone special. I played for a local team called Byron Red Star and LOASS in Waltham Forest

Who was your footballing idol growing up?
There were two – Ledley King because of the position I play now and Paul Gascoigne because of the position I used to play

What did/do you support and why did you choose that team?
Tottenham. I was born in Hackney so it was my local team and because my Dad’s a Spurs fan so I’m following the trend

What is your biggest achievement in football?
Playing in competitions like the FA Cup has got to be one of my biggest achievements

What are you ambitions?
I’m getting on a bit now so to play as high as possible is my ambition but I also want to enjoy my football

What is the best thing about playing for Walthamstow?
There’s a good group here and with the support of the chairman, manager and staff, this club is definitely going somewhere and is one to watch for the future

What is the best game you’ve been involved in?
Last season I played for a Sunday team as well and we were in a cup final. We were 3-1 down with 10 minutes to go and won 4-3. So, for the atmosphere and occasion that’s the best game

What would be your dream club to play for?
Tottenham, hands down. Regardless of the money, I would play for them for free

Who is the worst dressed?
There’s a long list. Nicky Symons has some has bad gear, Ollie [Fortune] is an estate agent so has some bad gear and Ryan Reed wears shorts that are too tight

Who has the worst taste in music?
The manager, Ryan, has the worst. If we give him the playlist, we’d be listening to Kings of Leon and Oasis on repeat

Who has the worst banter?
Kyan [Gulliver] has the worst banter, for sure

Who thinks they are the club’s hard man?
There’s only one person. It’s got to be the gaffer as I’ve seen a few bottles flying around

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