“They are literally chomping at the bit” – Ryan Maxwell

We caught up with Stow manager Ryan Maxwell ahead of training on Thursday as he looked ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup game with Aylesbury United. We spoke about his thoughts on the draw, the mood in camp and whether he’s going to change his management style.

What are your thoughts on the draw and been matched up with Aylesbury United?

Me and the boys are looking forward to it. It’s against a team a league above so they will rightly so be favourites and because it’s away the odds are stacked against us. Nothing fazes this group of players and when we heard the draw, we were more than happy with it.

With this team being a league above and at home along with the fact Stow are once again the underdogs, do you approach this game in the same way you did with Great Wakering?

It will be slightly different because it’s an away tie. Knowing the level and having seen them play, we know it will be a tough game but we won’t approach it any different. All games are approached in the same way and unless we face a National League side, it will always be about us and what we do on the day.

How tough are you expecting the game to be?

It will certainly be tough. We play at a competitive level and would rather tough game than an easy one so bring it on!

People would describe you as a passionate and maybe aggressive manager which comes with a desire to win, are you thinking of mellowing down a bit now?

Why would I do that? No, is the short answer. I only know one way and that is protecting these players. It’s a demanding atmosphere and one they enjoy and I certainly won’t change my characteristics any time soon.

How does owning a security company help with your timetable in being a football manager as well? How are you able to balance the time?

I am quite fortunate, that’s for sure. I have a bit of spare time to enjoy my passion which is football and managing this club, so it’s great. Being self-employed frees up time to focus on this and it’s certainly beneficial to me.

Still unbeaten but only managed a draw against Hadley, what is the mood like in camp ahead of this one?

The mood is fantastic. We were recently out together and we socialise a lot together. We enjoy each other’s company so that makes it even better. We are unbeaten in 5 and have only conceded one so I’ve certainly had worst starts.

It has been over a week since the last game, how eager are the lads to get back out on the pitch?

They are literally chomping at the bit. I’m having to hold them back from doing extra training at the minute and a few of the boys are highly coiled. Sunday can not come quick enough and they are looking forward to it.

How much of an impact will a strong travelling support make?

It will make a huge impact. The support is great and is getting bigger all the time. If we can get a few on the coach to travel with us then the more the merrier and hopefully we are in the hat for the next round and celebrating on the way back with them.

What is your prediction for this one?

We’ll win!

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