“Everyone at the club is buzzing and it’s a great atmosphere” and Callum Ibe

Ahead of Saturdays FA Cup 2nd qualifying round tie with Abbey Rangers, we spoke to Stow forward Callum Ibe.

How have you settled in?

I’ve Settled in well. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms so it has been an easy transfer in to the team.

Have you enjoyed your time at Walthamstow so far and who has helped you to settle in?

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t say there is one person who has helped. The gaffer has welcomed and pushed me to be the best I can and every single player has helped me to settle in as well so it feels like a family.

What is it like playing under Ryan Maxwell?

Good question. He’s certainly the most pushing manager I have ever played under. He helps you on and off the pitch, both mentally and physically. I would say he’s the best manager Ive played for, hands down.

You play with a lot of fantastic players. For you, who is a standout performer?

There is no single stand-out player. Sorry if that is vague but the whole squad plays their part so we are all stand-out performers.

You played a part in the fantastic win over Aylesbury United, how did you find it?

It was a good game. I am still disappointed to miss the penalty but I still think the keeper was off his line. The whole team was excellent so we are happy and looking forward to the next game.

Another home game, how do you preview the FA Cup game against Abbey Rangers?

  1. For us, nothing changes. Everyone at the club is buzzing and it’s a great atmosphere within the squad so we are all excited and can’t wait to get going.

What is the mood amongst the players ahead of Saturday’s game?

On Tuesday night we got a clean sheet and got the job done against Ilford. The mood is very professional and powerful. You can feel it in the air. A good training session on Thursday and we will be ready to go.

By the end of the game, Walthamstow could be one of the lowest still in the FA Cup. Does that faze yourself and the players?

It doesn’t faze us because that’s where we deserve to be and that’s where we will be after Saturday’s full-time.

How much do the Waltham Rabble help you when you’re on the pitch and how much of a part will they play?

They play a massive part. No one realises how much the fans help the players on the pitch. It’s the little things like calling your name when your down to singing when things ain’t going your way so [to the Waltham Rabble] please keep singing.

What do you think of your song?

I have heard it and I will make sure you will sing it more because more goals are coming.

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