“The supporters are like the 12th man” – Stanley Muguo

We had a chat with Stanley Muguo following him signing for the club and his recent appearances. He spoke about how he came about playing for Walthamstow, his debut against Saffron Walden Town and what it’s like playing under Ryan Maxwell.

Welcome to the club, how did you come about playing for Walthamstow?

I spoke to Ryan, who’s a good friend of mine, and managed to do a dual registration with Grays to come and help out. I enjoyed my first game here and enjoyed playing with many of the players. After that, we explored how I could make the move permanent once I left Grays.

You had a great debut against Saffron Walden Town, how did you find the game itself?

Did I? I didn’t realise. I found it alright and I played along side the skip so he talked me through the game. I was aware of what Ryan expected so it didn’t come as a shock as to what I needed to do. It’s nice to hear I contributed well.

What attracted you to playing for Stow over other teams that may have been interested?

I think it’s the project. I’m 35 right now so technically I could play for the Vets team. I’m looking to still play a little bit and also be somewhere where there is a project and I can help some of the younger lads.

I believe you know the manager quite well, what’s your experience with Maxy?

Maxy has always been a top player and I’ve played against him loads of times but also played with him. One thing he gives you is 100%. Every time I knew I was playing against Maxy, I knew it would be a tough game. I always prepared for a battle against him and now he’s passing that onto his team.

Was playing under Maxy one of the reasons you signed?

Yes, It was 70% of the reason. I know him and I trust him and also agree with what he says so it made perfect sense.

What are you aspirations as a player?

As a 35 year old? To make it out of training without feeling stiff. On a serious note, I just want to win and be the best. That’s what we have here at Walthamstow. We want to win the league this season. You get older but you don’t lose that hunger to win things.

What are you targets and goals for this season?

I think it’ll be to win as many games as possible. We look at the next game and want to win that. We’ve got our targets but our focus is Saturday’s game and we want to win that.

Who have you most enjoyed playing with on the pitch?

I’ve played with many of the players now and I’ve been impressed with the majority of them. You’ll got two midfielders in Benji and Jack who have loads of energy, you’ve got a striker who scores goals, a skipper who has good technically ability but also has that aggression and many others so there are a number of very good players.

What has it been like playing under Maxy?

Similar to what I was saying about being a winner. That’s what it’s like playing under Maxy. You have to give everything you’ve got and we believe if we do that, we will win more games that we will lose.

You’ve heard the Rabble sing and cheer on the players, how much do you think that will help you?

Yes, it’s massive. The supporters are like the 12th man and they stay after every game to clap us off and even when we lose, they still stay behind and clap so they give us that extra push.


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