“Everyone wants to stop us” – Ryan Maxwell

We caught up with Stow manager Ryan Maxwell following the New Year as he looked ahead to Saturday’s game, discussed the last few months of the season and the potential result after Saturday’s game.

How do you preview Saturday’s game with Clapton?

It’s the first game of the New Year and the boys are looking forward to it. We trained twice over the festive period so we are ready and looking forward to it. We don’t know too much about Clapton so we won’t over analyse but we will focus on ourselves and approach the game in the usual manner.

We know Ollie and Billy have departed, are you expecting anymore and how has that affected the players?

I don’t think it has affected the squad in a negative way as the results have shown you. There is a standard here that has to be met, not just in your playing ability, but with training, attitude and application and that’s what keeps a player in the squad. There shouldn’t be any changes as long as the standard is met.

Are you looking forward to 2020?

Of course I am. We know what we are going to do and what we have got to do. We are all up for it and I’m looking forward to it as much as the players, so bring it on.

How tough are you expecting the last few months to be?

It’s going to be as tough as the first half of the season. Everyone wants to stop us, more than they want to win themselves. I love that and the players have accepted that now and it takes one hell of a team to stop us. We welcome the challenge because nothing is ever easy.

Are you expecting a close title race in the last few months?

It’s too early to call. All I know is that we’ll be up there and whoever else is there, fair play to them. We will approach by worrying about us and not others around us.

Who will shine for Stow in the final stages of the season?

It seems the players are taking it in turns to shine which is a great thing for a manager. It’s not one man and is a number of people hitting form. We have so many good players here and it’s a great thing to have such a competitive edge. It could be anyone of the 17 and i’m excited to see who that is as well as you.

Stow could find themselves top on Saturday, Do the players focus on this and will it motivate them?

We are all in it to be top, that’s the bottom line. We haven’t really focus on this Saturday other than our own result. What we can’t control, we don’t focus on. we take care of ourselves and let others take care of themselves.

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