Stow in Lockdown – Reece Conway

After a good season with Walthamstow during the 2018/19, where he won the Supporters Player of the Season award, Reece re-joined the Stags in February 2020. With the club flying in the league, the season was cut short due to Coronavirus so we caught up with Reece as he deals with life in lockdown.

How’s things with you at the moment? I know you had a scare when Coronavirus first came round. Are you feeling better?

All is well now, thank you. It was a scary and unpredictable time that took its toll on my family for a short period. It has also taken some time to get back to being myself. I am exceptionally fortunate and grateful that it did not accelerate further. This virus really does not discriminate and we must continue to do all we can to overcome it.

What are you thoughts on the decision to null and void 2019/20?

Initially I thought the decision was a bit hasty but it is clear as time has gone on, it was the right one. This situation is much bigger than football and the health and well-being of the country is more important. It is a shame as the league was set-up to be an exciting finish in the race for promotion.

Do you think we can challenge for promotion next season, whenever that is?

It is the main objective. One that the club and team will work extremely hard to achieve.

Have you got a message for the Stow supporters?

I never got the opportunity to thank the Rabble after receiving the ‘Supporters Player of the Season’ last season and the welcome I received in my first game back against Takeley this season. They are a valuable asset to this club and a key component to the successful transformation over the last two seasons to become a competitive club that will challenge for promotion and cups.

I want to say a huge thank you to them all. The support is exceptional and I hope we, as a group of players, can deliver the successes they deserve. I hope all the Rabble and their families are safe and well and look forward to the new season and seeing you all.

Join us tomorrow when we get to know Reece a little better – including his best moment in football so far.

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