Player Profile – Reece Conway

Name: Reece Conway

Professional/Day job: Secondary School Teacher

Nickname: Conway

Best mate: I’m fortunate to have many circles of friends. Lots would make the cut

Playing Style: Front foot, aggressive and hard-working

Three things to watch on Netflix: Money Heist, The Last Dance and Sunderland ’til I Die

Favourite holiday destination: My honeymoon in Santorini is up there

If you had to live with 3 teammates during the lockdown, who would you choose and why? Vinny Murphy for protection, Michael Toner for the music and alcohol and Jason Beck to laugh at

Favourite lockdown music you’re listening to: I’ve enjoyed a bit of R&B and urban throwbacks

Most embarrassing money on the football pitch: Being megged as a full-back in front of opposition fans

Best moment within football: The FA Cup run with Heybridge and making the first round proper, along with having ITV come to my work to do an interview is a childhood dream and has to be up there. But five years ago to the day that you sent me these questions, I won a league with my closest pals on the last day of the season against a side who also needed to win the league. Great memories when it’s with your closest.

Funniest teammate: Jason Beck

Personal goal for when we return to football: My personal goal is to win the league with this club and add some goals throughout the season too

Three words to describe Reece Conway: Positive, Funny, Grafter

Three things to do during lockdown. You can only do one (5K/Core Workout/Beer): 5K. I tried beer for the first few weeks. The runs provide Sanity for the body and mind

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