Stow in Lockdown – Samrai Gebrai

As the sporting lockdown continues, we caught up with one of the hottest prospects in the Essex Senior League, Samrai Gebrai, to see how he’s been keeping himself busy. We also discussed our links with Ryan FC and his 2019/20 season.

How have you kept yourself busy during the lockdown?

I’ve been working out every day by going for runs and training with a football on the grass (on my own!). I’ve also been watching movies and playing board games with my family.

24 appearances, 17 starts and 11 goals last term. How did you feel last season went for you?

Last season was what I would call a great experience. Personally, I enjoyed every moment. Being in the top three for all of it. You can imagine the pressure massive as everyone was looking to see if we were going to win the league or get promoted.

Overall, last season went great but it would have been nice if I scored more goals. I’m always looking to score more and more goals!

What game did you enjoy most about last season and why?

My most enjoyable game last season would have to be the game against Hendon. I managed to score four goals in that game against a team that are two leagues above us. Scoring four was something no one expected.

As Walthamstow strengthens its links with Ryan FC, is there anything you can recommend to the young coming through to the first team?

For any Ryan players looking to break through to the first team or a men’s team, I would recommend training as much as you can. Working hard is more important than having talent. If you know you have a talent, work harder to make that talent amazing.

I would also say working hard in a gym is very important, to build your body to be stronger because I can tell you that men’s football is aggressive and they try to target young players like us.

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