Player Profile – Samrai Gebrai

Nickname: Sammy

Best team mates: Dwade James and Emiel Aiken

Playing Style: Attacking player

Three things to watch on Netflix: Prison Break, Power and a good movie to watch was Faster

Favourite holiday destination: My favourite destination would have to be Spain but I’d like to go to Dubai one day

If you had to live with 3 teammates during the lockdown, who would you choose and why?: Reece Conway because he would definitely keep me laughing and Dwade James because they would push me to stay fit and train everyday and keep me motivated

Favourite lockdown music you’re listening to: I’ve enjoyed listening to Lil Tjay’s new mixtape but my favourite song on that tape is Ice Cold. I’ve also enjoyed Yxng Bane’s “Are you made” and my friend’s song Benjee “Double Cup”

Most embarrassing money on the football pitch: My most embarrassing moment would have to be when the ball got smashed in my face and I just dropped down. I remember that day was very cold and my ear was buzzing.

Best moment within football: This is a hard one but from this season it would be winning our most important game against Saffron Walden which put us in a good position to win the league.

Funniest teammate: We have a lot of characters in the dressing room; Becko, Toner and Cal but I’d say Conway because he is something else.

Personal goal for when we return to football: My personal goal is to go pro but for now, I want to win the league and hope corona don’t cut it short next time.

Three words to describe Samrai Gebrai: Hard-working, skilful and Fun

Three things to do during lockdown. You can only do one (5K/Core Workout/Beer): Definitely Core Workout. I ain’t a beer drinker and and definitely not 5K!

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