“I loved contributing to the title push” – Connor Scully

After joining the club towards the end of last season, Connor Scully has become a fan-favourite with his glorious hair, and quality on the pitch. We had a chat with him about how he’s doing during these strange times, his time with Walthamstow last season and the upcoming season.

How are things with you at the moment?

I’m well, thank you. I’ve been trying to keep as busy as possible and enjoying spending time with family over the uncertain period. This is probably the fittest I’ve been since a teenager, in all honesty, so lockdown hasn’t been all negative.

You turned in some solid performances in a Walthamstow shirt last term. How would you describe how last season went for you?

I’ve really enjoyed the transition of playing for Walthamstow. I loved contributing to the title push and genuinely think that if the season played out, we would have had enough to win it. A real positive for me was the mentality. It was so strong. We have a collective group expectation to win at all costs.

A vital goal against Saffron Walden to help us in an important win. Is this something we can get used to next season?

I think if you ask anyone who has managed or played with me in the past, you can always expect the odd worldie. All jokes aside, definitely. Personal targets are important and I want to surpass 15 league goals next season as a minimum.

What are you looking forward to most next season, whenever that is?

Next season is an important one for the club. It’ll be Max’s first full season in charge and a chance for players to make a name for themselves at this level. There is no reason why we shouldn’t look forward to winning the league, as long as we apply ourselves correctly.

Player profile

Name: Connor Scully

Job/Profession: Recruiter

Nickname: Sculls/Zini

Best team mates: Dan Ferrigno

Playing Style: Tika-taka

Three things to watch on Netflix: The Last Dance, Prison Break and Afterlife

Favourite holiday destination: My favourite destination would be Marbella

If you had to live with 3 teammates during the lockdown, who would you choose and why?: I’d say Becky, Toner and Frigs. Becky is a live wire, Toner loves a beer and Frigs will be asleep by 9

Favourite lockdown music you’re listening to: YeBurna Boy, Chicago Freestyle – Drake, Play Play – J Hus

Most embarrassing moment on a football pitch: Own goal vs Hemel in the Herts Cup a few years ago. We lost 8-1 and I lobbed my own keeper from 25 yards.

Best moment within football: First senior goal. I was 16 and playing away at Aylesbury

Funniest teammate: Reece Conway

Personal goal for when we return to football: 15 league goals and 15 assists

Three words to describe Connor Scully: Quick, Agile and Talented

Three things to do during lockdown. You can only do one (5K/Core Workout/Beer): I’ve done my fair share of 5k’s so I’m going with beer

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