Ibe returns for title challenge

Callum Ibe was a huge part of Walthamstow’s title push last season before the season was brought to an abrupt end. Ahead of the new season, he is back and ready for the challenge ahead. A fan-favourite, the Rabble will be excited to see him back in a Stow shirt.

He spent the off-season building up his fitness and making himself better than he was last season, ready for his return. “I will bring my desire and work rate. I have worked so hard during the lockdown to improve my fitness and skills which I’m sure you will see reflected on the pitch.”

As a prolific forward, Ibe has his targets in sight. “I have unfinished business with Walthamstow. My target as a player is to score 20+ goals and win the league, nothing less!”

This season will see Callum link up with a whole array of different players who have joined the club over the summer. “I am looking forward to linking up with Dashy up top. He reminds me of a Peter Crouch, but he has great feet too and will also look to play me in.”

A big part of Ibe’s love for the club comes with the loyal supporters. The Waltham Rabble boosts the performance of many players and Ibe is no different. A song adopted from ‘Sweet Caroline’ can be heard from the terraces. “I have huge respect for the Rabble, and they motivate me to give my all on the pitch every game.”

“Just hearing them sing my song keeps me going! As a player at any level, having fans that respect your quality and cheer you on gives you that extra drive to do your best. Hopefully, they will be singing my song every game this season.”

It’s been 5 and a half months without competitive football for Callum, so when he stepped out on the pitch in the Essex Senior League or FA Cup, it will be a strange moment although he is confident of achieving the club’s season goal. “It is going to be a weird season of football at every level. With the squad we have, if we stay focused, we will win the league and have a good cup run.”

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