The thrill of chasing the big leagues

Manchester City finally lost a game after a long streak of wins with 21 games unbeaten. Then we have Liverpool currently performing like a bottom league football team, and well, Chelsea, it’s still too early to tell, but the new coach seems to be in good books with the English club’s fanbase.

Given all of these, the odds are currently being turned on its head because everything seems to be shifting and the opposite of everything that we thought we knew is suddenly happening. This goes to show that odds are a delicate thing and sometimes irrespective of a tried and tested formation plan, top form and the right amount of teamwork, it can all just fall to the luck of the draw.

Similarly, uncertainty with respect to which countries will host the Euro 2020 currently plagues the European tournament which is set to be held in multiple countries, an unprecedented occurrence.

Twenty-four countries have qualified, including the expected top 5; Italy, England, France, Germany and the reigning title-holders, Portugal. Taking a look at the group fixtures, smart punters will know that they will be better placed for the Euro 2020 betting odds to back Italy to win against Turkey at the kick-off game set to be hosted in Rome on the 11th of June.

On the other hand, if we were to consider top goal scorers for the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament, names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Kylian Mbappe have the odds stacked in their favour as a result of their strong performances so far this season.

Not so lucky, French player Anthony Griezmann who currently plays for Barcelona has been having a rough season. There are extensive reports about his struggles to stay consistent with his form – even receiving a mixed bag of supportive but widely critical comments from France’s national team coach, Didier Deschamps.

In spite of Griezmann’s current form, France’s Euro 2020 squad is looking quite exceptional and it is highly likely that they will be the team to beat this time around. The calibre of players that will make up France’s starting XI is quite impressive, add to that the fact that for every position in the starting XI, there is an equally impressive substitute.Consider these duos, two world class goalkeepers, Hugo Lloris and Steve Mandanda who play for Tottenham and Marseille, respectively. Moreover, Mbappe, one of Europe’s most expensive young players, is sure to hold down France’s right wing and Ousmane Dembele is similarly in great form to play the same right wing position for the national team.

While the positives are endless for the French team, North Macedonia’s national football team which performed well to triumph in their play-offs will have a lot to prove. This will be the first time the national team has qualified for the coveted European tournament and they will definitely be regarded as the underdogs. North Macedonia ranks 65th in the FIFA world rankings and is scheduled to face higher ranked teams like the Netherlands and Ukraine, all belonging to the Group C Euro 2020 group draw.

With less than a 100 days to go, a thrilling tournament guaranteed to deliver world-class entertainment lies ahead. We are set to witness a multiple shows of exceptional skill and the exuberance that is famously associated with European football. Keeping our eyes peeled and placing our bets are the only things left for us to do.

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