Crawley Green programme now available for download

Issue one of the 2021-22 Walthamstow FC programme is available to download now, by clicking here.

In this issue, we’ve got

  • a look at our visitors, Crawley Green
  • Martyn Green from @theuntoldgame shares a brief history of the FA Cup
  • we look back at games on this day in history
  • The Beer Hunter has a look at Luton, and shares some positive news from the local scene
  • Bill Badger has an ESL review
  • David Chapman has two classic programmes, featuring Bobby Moore playing for schools sides.
  • Huw Richards tells us why even at our level, the players are in the top 1% of footballers in the country
  • a breakdown on all the movers and shakers in the FA’s annual league restructure
  • Andrzej Perkins’ photo essay from a summer of football
  • the almost forgotten story of WF Fletcher, who created the modern football fixture system
  • as well as the usuals from Andrzej Perkins and Charlie Ward.

If there were any print issues left over, they’ll be on sale here.

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