Statement from club Chairman Andy Perkins

First, I’d like to give a massive thanks to all our supporters, especially ‘The Rabble’ and all our supporters who have made Matchday Centre a place where other teams know they’ll get a tough game. I know I speak for the Board, John, Terry and the players when I say that we’re so happy to be on this journey with you.

To Saturday. I feel the management and players did us proud by keeping cool heads in such a charged atmosphere and coming out with a deserved three points. Now, I’ll tell you where I come from. My dad was a supporter of this club from the 1930s and a Committee member until he died. One of his favourite players was Delroy Rhoden…. a Jamaican lad. At the end of one match in the 1980’s he felt that the ref had been racist towards Delroy, he got the physio’s bucket of water and threw it over the ref. He was the mildest of people but when he saw racism it made his blood boil. As a family, we had experience of the, ‘No Irish’ bit of the sign you all know about.

Dad called everyone ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, rather than ‘mate’ or ‘guv’. That’s Walthamstow FC, that’s who we are; all brothers and sisters. That’s what my dad taught me, and he was right!

I was told that one of our “supporters” made a racist comment to an Athletic Newham player after the game. What caused him to say that, I’m not going to explore because there can be no reason to use that kind of language. The person in question denies using such language, but I can’t take the chance. I have our players, our supporters and young children to think about. We are an East End club happy in our diversity and we want success in a society where racism has no place. I have apologised to Athletic Newham and told the person concerned he is no longer welcome at the club.

We will deal with any form of discrimination in the same way, Walthamstow FC is welcoming to all.

Andy Perkins, Chairman

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