Walthamstow v Cockfosters


Essex Senior League 2019-20

Wadham Lodge

3 - 0
Final Score
Dwade James - 2 (1', 90')Billy Jones - 1 (56')
Game Statistics
0 Yellows 0
0 Reds 0


Walthamstow welcomed Cockfosters to Wadham Lodge on Saturday as goals from Dwade James and Billy Jones gave Walthamstow a good win in the Essex Senior League to continue their unbeaten run.

It was a quick start from Walthamstow and Dwade James scored within the first minute to send Stow on their way with a chip over the keeper as he was tackled. The goal certainly gave Stow the confidence they needed and they wondered how they were further ahead with a number of chances. Dwade James came close from a cross but his effort hit the post before Callum Ibe saw his effort tipped over the crossbar.

There was a penalty shout for the home side when the ball ricocheted off the arm of a Cockfosters defender from close-range and the referee wasn’t interested in any shouts and waved them away.

Walthamstow dominated the first half and continued to create chances but couldn’t find the second goal. Billy Jones guided a ball just wide before Dwade James saw another shot hit the post after taking the ball around the keeper.

Cockfosters did have some chances but couldn’t find the back of the net. A good run from Reece Mosanya created a chance for the forward but it was matched by the save of James Bransgrove before an effort was sent just wide of the target.

Despite a few more chances for Stow, the first half ended with the home side leading 1-0.

The second half started with Walthamstow continuing to dominate and starting off quickly. Within the opening minutes of the second half, Stow came close to increasing their lead. A good run from Benji Crilley was halted when his pull-back was cleared before a good cross was just missed by both Benji Crilley and Callum Ibe and Dwade James saw an effort hit the post for the third time in the match.

Cockfosters did manage to find a chance against the run of play but James Bransgrove saved from close range to deny the visitors a goal.

The pressure continued from Walthamstow and it paid off when Billy Jones netted the second. He shot from outside the box and he shot was deflected off the defender and past the goalkeeper to give Stow a well deserved 2-0 lead.

The visitors found a small foothold in the game and had a couple of chances but Stow’s keeper James Bransgrove was determined to keep his clean sheet. He saved another shot from close range before seeing a Cockfosters effort curled wide.

Walthamstow had the chance to score several times but Josh Mollison did well to keep the efforts out as Stow continued their pressure. Ollie Fortune had a few chances himself; he fired shot over the bar before his free-kick on the edge of the box was blocked.

As the game edged closer to an end, Stow were awarded a penalty when Billy Jones was brought down. Dwade James stepped up and scored to give Stow a 3-0 lead. With that almost the last action of the game, Stow won as they continued to chase the pack.

Speaking after the game, Stow manager Ryan Maxwell said “Delighted with the response and the reaction [from Tuesday Night]. Mentally their goalkeeper was man of the match and I told them so. It could have been a very comfortable half-time score but it was only 1-0 so we had to stay professional and kept doing what we were doing and it worked in the end.”

[When asked about the mentality of the players after the FA Cup disappointment] “The players believed they should have won that tie and they should’ve done. It was a nice little run but we have to learn from it and move on. We are here to win the league and that is our number one goal. The FA Cup was a bonus but I had no doubt they would respond in the right way today.”

[When asked about the next game] “I’ll be respectful and say it’s not on the list of our priorities. There will be a very youthful team out and I might even give myself some minutes. I think the boys have had a testing week so I’ll reward them with a light training session instead of a match.”

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