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    Charlie Ward

    First pre-season match tomorrow and a relatively low profile for tam matters once Terry has been appointed as manager with Darren as his assistant
    I understand that the players who have been training with us are nearly all from the academy teams who Terry works with throughout the week, so at least he knows their talents and strengths and weaknesses
    Reports would suggest that they are a fit group and should be capable of lasting the ninety minutes
    As for the ability to cope at Essex Senior League level, who knows ?
    Even after the four pre-season games we will probably not be that much the wiser
    It will all be down to how we start against Southend Manor and especially Barking
    By the end of September, I would think we will have a very reasonable idea of how the season will go for us.
    As long as we have a couple of decent strikers and have tightened up at the back, I think we could do well

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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