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    Charlie Ward

    Long term supporter, Gerry White has submitted an article for me to include in my book and at the end he has nominated his “dream team” from the sides of the 1960’s to present day.
    For those supporters who like to indulge in dream teams, especially those who have, like me, supported our club during all those decades, please feel free to post any changes you feel you would have made.

    Here is the list

    1.Ian Hutley
    2. Les Tilley
    3. Tim Cole
    4. Steve Hamberger
    5. John Willingham
    6. Brian Smith
    7. Peter Leakey
    8. Paul Taylor
    9. Jon Goodman
    10. Peter Greene
    11. Steve Lane

    My only changes would be Delroy Rhoden in place of Jon Goodman and possibly, Lenny Pritchard, the left back from the 1970’s John Harris side, but, would probably have to include Tim Cole somewhere – also, I think Steve Goodwin, instead of Steve Hamberger, but, it really is too close to call, in truth, I think Gerry’s select at their peak would be good enough to compete in the Ryman Premier and be near the top of the table

    Andrzej Perkins

    As I don’t really remember any of the Leyton/early Leyton Pennant teams, mine Xi would be a bit different. Off the top of my head I’ve come up with:

    1. Gavin King
    2. Ian Barnes
    3. Danny Honeyball
    4. Simon Tickner
    5. Tom Vickers
    6. Tariq Nabil (Only played 13 games, but I’m still yet to see anyone take a better corner)
    7. Papy Kanyuka
    8. Gazmend Dauti
    9. Wes Thomas
    10. Jermain Hughes
    11. Manu Dagher

    Charlie Ward

    You make a good point about Tariq Nabil – I was watching matches intermitantly when he was with us and I remember that after he left us (he needed to be nearer home I beleive), at the end of September, it turned what had been an impressive start to the season int some more mundane and I am sure that the fall in our performances were directly linked to his disappearnace from the team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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