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    Charlie Ward

    Fixtures just out – we have six away games on the trot – then we have, not surprisingly, a handful at home – what a nonsense

    Does the fixture Secretary not have the appropriate software to plan out these games – if not, perhaps the League fees and fines, eventually paid by Ilford should be used to buy some

    Whilst on a rant – it has always amazed me that we never play friendly games against teams from our own division (nor do anyone else) – why ?

    Surely not for a psychological advantage to the winner, as when the clubs eventually meet, you will be lucky if 50% of the teams lining up will mirror those starting in the friendly

    If it’s a case of fearing a player will play well and be “taped up” by a Divisional rival, it happens anyway , as it does when we play local clubs from other Divisions/Leagues

    I am not saying necessarily go out to get matches against teams in the same division, but, if it is a choice between a game against say, Redbridge, or a trip to Clacton or a team in Kent or Surrey where we have the joys of the M25 to contend with, I know which one I would prefer

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