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    Charlie Ward

    Looking at the line up/result last night, it would seem as if we are getting close to “Q”‘s preferred line up
    Probably need to strengthen our bench slightly but, seem to have a more determined defence these days and a keeper, who despite his one “rick” last night, is a good shot stopper and for once, talks, to his fellow defenders

    We know we can hurt teams going forward and just need to solidify the centre of midfield to act as protection, when needed, for the defence.

    If we can stop conceding “soft” goals, as we seem prone to do for at least the last five seasons, then I believe we will win more games than we lose

    Hullbridge on Saturday will be a tricky one, as their past form over the last few seasons, indicates a good start and then tailing off after Christmas, so let us hope we can get them on a slow day

    Good luck to all the lads

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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