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    Charlie Ward

    Meant to post this about a month ago, but, forgot.
    Not Forest related but, it made my blood boil
    Belagured Blackpool Chairman, Carl Oysten, made a comment on Twitter at the end of last season against one of the supporters who had the timerity to criticise the way he was running the company and used a word normally assoociated with someone with mental disablities.
    He was rightly slaughtered from all directions and was, correctly charged and found guilty of gross misconduct, or whatever, the charge was – so far, so good
    He was suspended from any football related activities for six weeks, which was fine, until I heard the sentance kicked in from July 1st.
    I know he is not a player or manager and does still have to do administratives duties at the club in the closed season, but, honestly, did not someone from the FA realise, that, in effect, he will only miss about two weeks of the season proper – hardly a deterant for anyone else wishing to abuse people on Twitter – sadly, the fact is the FA are so spineless and useless, that I was nbarely surprised

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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