How Important is the FA Cup to Amateur and Semi-Pro Teams?

The Football Association Challenge Cup is one of the most important and famous competitions in football. It is more known by the name “FA Cup”. It’s not just famous, but also one of the oldest football challenges. The first match was held in 1871. It’s interesting that the Association was founded 8 years before the first match. It is the event of the year for most British fans.

Amateurs and Semi-Pros in big tournaments

The FA Cup is one of the most important tournaments in the world of English football – for spectators and players alike, that is. The interesting thing about the FA Cup is the possibility for Amateur and Semi-Pro Teams to enter the competition. The first two rounds are their chance to make it a stage further – the professional League teams don’t enter the competition until the third round. This can be a huge opportunity for newer teams to get a shot at the FA Cup and compete against some of the biggest players of the Premier League.

There are several examples in the world of sports that show the inclusion of new or amateur players is definitely a thing. Another very well-known tournament where it is possible for amateurs to play, is the World Series of Poker. In the last few years, players from all over the world could enter some events of the WSOP, as they were being held online on This made it possible even for amateur players and those who have only played online before, to participate in one of the most interesting events in the world of Poker – similar to the FA Cup, that also allows Semi-Pro Teams in the competition.

Who Can Play in the FA Cup?

Only the clubs from Premier League and other first four levels have a right to take part in this competition. Well, we should say that practically any top team is eligible to take part in the FA Cup every year. That means that Semi-Pro teams can also participate in this competition if they have already played in the FA Cup, FA Vase or FA Trophy – plus they have to be a part of the Association.

This tournament is not just for men. Well, the FA Cup in general is just for men, but there is another Women’s FA Cup which is just as prestigious as the men’s one.

Fun Facts about the FA Cup

This tournament is full of surprises, so there are many things to mention here. The most astonishing for us was the speed of the first goals made in one of the games. The first goal was scored within just 42 seconds after the start. How can it be even possible to do at least anything in less than a minute? Another fact was also quite interesting, as there was a game where there were 16 goals made in total and all those goals were made by 16 different players. So, practically every player made a goal.

There is another fun fact we want to mention around the FA Cup. It is about the incredible cup that the winners get: First of all, it is very big and heavy, but there is one more interesting thing about it. Usually, the cup is decorated with the ribbons with the winners’ team symbols and colours, but those ribbons are put on the cup before the game. But no, they don’t know the winner from the start, they are just decorating the cup with the ribbons of both teams and then removing the losers’ ribbons after the match is over. However, it doesn’t make any difference for the winners, or for fans, or for anybody else, really. It’s just a fun fact, that we thought FA Cup fans might find interesting.

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