Getting to know: Dan Green

We get to know Stow midfielder Danny Green a bit better; his playing history, and his hopes for the rest of the season

Dan Green captained Walthamstow for the first time against FC Romania two weeks ago, and his first time wearing the armband couldn’t have gone better. Six goals scored, none conceded and an exceptional personal performance.

From the outside, his appointment may have seemed surprising. Dan hasn’t been a regular starter this season, having been plagued with a series of injuries. Carl Mensah or brother Jack might have seemed more obvious. For Nicky Ironton, it seemed the only choice though. The 32 year old shares a mentality with the manager of always demanding more. “We went in at half-time three-nil up but I knew we were underperforming and I let the boys know straight away” Dan explained. A sentiment shared by the manager.

Both player and manager are expecting to be in the playoffs by the end of the year and will regard anything less as a missed opportunity. The shared mindset doesn’t come through years of working together however; “I knew Nicky by reputation of course, but he also managed our older brother Chris”.

The phone call came but the decision still wasn’t easy. A string of injuries, mainly in the calves had left Dan with some doubts. “At Royston I couldn’t stay fit so I couldn’t build a rhythm. I was asked to come and I was interested, see if the change could help.”

The decision was made easier seeing the people he’d be joining. “Carl Mensah is a great lad and a phenomenal player, Jordan has been successful everywhere and Nicky himself is someone I’ve always wanted to play for.” I asked Carl if he’s going, Carl asked me the same, and we agreed we’ll go together.”

There is, of course, another name not mentioned so far.
Brother Jack has been a more frequent opponent through the years. “7 years ago we had a spell at St Albanss together, then a season at Dunstable, but that’s about it. We mostly played against each other, him at Hitchin, me at Royston, so it’s been great to be on the same side, same dressing room, sharing a car down even. It helps mum and dad too, not having to pick a favourite anymore, or try and cheer him up when I play him off the park.”

Five games unbeaten at the time, and a squad full of competition and quality, the club is in a great spot. “The quality of training is phenomenal and the moment and it’s not a coincidence we’re getting results. The dressing room is great, full of different characters. Some people are joking all the time, some people go about their business with no mistakes like Kai Davis without saying too much.

“A couple of the younger boys are getting better with every kick of the ball. Demary is so talented and everyone likes him a lot because he has such a good attitude, he’ll be frightening defenders here or higher up the league for a long time.”

“The fans are insane too, 300 in the freezing cold or taking 50 away is amazing. Every time we say hello they know so much about us and what we’ve done it shows the passion they’ve all got. They keep showing up, making noise, and we’ll keep giving them reasons to let off confetti cannons.”

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